Gerschubie. You don’t need to say bless you but thanks anyway.

Gerschubie Fiber Arts was named after our two dogs, Schubert and Gershwin. Schubert’s nickname is Schubie and I am constantly saying Gerrrr….Schubie. Someone is always getting into the wool.

From the pups names, you can probably tell that I am music lover. In fact, my day job is being a full-time piano teacher. Creativity in various mediums is what keeps me moving. Color has always been on obsession. My parents owned a printing company when I was growing up, and there were always sample books with beautiful paper floating around. In graduate school, I combined my love of piano pedagogy with my love of color and wrote my master’s thesis on using color to teach students how to learn to read music.

After learning to knit and spin, it was only natural to want to try to dip something in the dye.

Gerschubie is currently a full-time RV business. In 2020, we will revert to being a sticks and bricks business in MONTANA.  Stay tuned.

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